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Current Version 0.18.0 - Released March 5, 2012:
(The following commands will download and install the Trax libraries as well as all needed dependancies. You will probably need to be superuser to do the following)

1. First, add the channel server using:

pear channel-discover
2. Once this is complete, you can install Trax using:
pear install trax/PHPonTrax
3. (Optional) If you are using mysql run the follow command:
pear install MDB2#mysql

After installed successfully you can cd to any folder and type "trax ." and it will generate a skeleton app for you to start working with.

If the above commands don't work for some reason you can also install via the direct url to whatever version you are installing.
pear install -o

Latest Development Version:
You can browse the source code on-line, or
you can get your own copy from GitHub:
git clone

Trax Standalone All Included Version:
This tar includes all the PEAR modules needed for Trax and Edge Trax that can be updated via "svn up".
It's only recommended to use this if you can't install PEAR modules on your server. If you can install PEAR modules then follow the steps above in the "Current Version" section (recommended way).

Download: trax-standalone-0.18.0.tar.gz

Active Record Standalone Version:
This tar includes the most current Active Record with extra config files and instructions on how to use just Active Record by itself without Trax.

Download: active_record_standalone-0.18.0.tar.gz

PEAR Libraries:
(If you use the PEAR installer as described above, these PEAR modules will be installed automatically if they are not already in your PEAR library. If for some reason your system does not support PEAR, you can download this file and reference the libraries)

PEAR,MDB2(with Mysql,Pgsql,Sqlite drivers),Mail,Mail_mime: PEAR.tar.gz

1. Unzip into your trax/vendor folder.
2. Set the PHP_LIB_ROOT constant in config/environment.php to where the PEAR folder is located.
define("PHP_LIB_ROOT", "/home/me/trax/vendor/PEAR");

Trax Logos:

You can use this icon as long as it links back to

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